The 2020 tax filing season is here. Although the IRS can’t accept tax returns until February 12th, we can still complete your tax return and have it queued up to automatically be submitted to the IRS on February 12th.

The office is open, but we have changed our procedures due to Covid-19. We encourage you to drop off your paperwork. For your convenience, this year we purchased a lock box so you can drop off your tax paperwork anytime that is convenient for you. The lock box is located outside at the top of the ramp. We just ask that your paperwork is labeled and fasten together in some form, rubber band, paper-clipped, inside a folder, etc.

Instead of in-office appointments, we will be doing phone appointments. However if you want to have a face-to-face appointment, we can accommodate you, just call the office and let us know your preference.

We have eliminated the portal, and replaced it with a share-file system (Verifyle) that is easy to use and very secure. It works similar to email, but on a secure platform. You are able to send us files, make inquiries and receive documents from us. In addition to sharing files, you will be able to sign forms and return them to us using Verifyle, and receive your tax return! No need to even come to the office if you do not want to. We are so excited about using Verifyle, that you will receive a $10 discount if you sign your return and engagement letter, and receive your tax returns via Verifyle.  Your email is not sold or given to anyone else.  If you want to know more, contact us 920-558-4683.


This year we will need to know the amount of your first stimulus payment, and the amount of the second stimulus payment (even though it was received in 2021). If you own a business and received a PPP or EIDL loan we will need to see all the paperwork. Be aware that we do need to see the 1099 issued for unemployment received, if you received any. Unemployment is taxable. Your unemployment tax document can be found on the unemployment website.